Dealers and Distributors

If you are a dealer or a distributor and are interested in offering TUFF1 Gun Grip Covers to your customers, we offer superior support and fast response along with very competitive pricing. 
Email us at with some info about your business and we will send you confidential dealer or distributor pricing for Display Packs and 10 Packs.
As a dealer or distributor, you can purchase:
  • Individual TUFF1 Grips (minimum orders apply).
  • 10 TUFF1 Pack - Black in any of the 3 styles (Boa Grip, Double Cross Grip, Death Grip)
  • 30 TUFF1 Combo Packincludes a FREE Point of Sale Display and Sign with each pack.
  • 50 TUFF1 Combo Pack - includes a FREE Point of Sale Display and Sign with each pack.

TUFF1 Dealer Display Rack

Click image to larger view

TUFF1 Display Rack with 30 Combo Pack