Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does TUFF1 fit any pistol grip based handgun?

Answer: Yes! TUFF1 will fit almost every pistol grip based handgun made, even wood handled revolvers. The proprietary material allows TUFF1 to fit the gun handle and it's also trimmable for compacts. Trim Instructions. 

Question: Do you guarantee TUFF1 grips?

Answer: Yes! if your grip ever rips or tears, send us a photo Contact Us and we will replace it for FREE. No other competitor even comes close to that guarantee - no one!

Question: What textures are available?

Answer: We have 3 textures. Click Here for TUFF1 Textures and Colors (1) Boa - snake pattern with superior grip. (2) Double Cross - a traditional cross hatch pattern. LE and Military primarily purchase this pattern. (3) Death Grip - Skull pattern for a menacing look. All 3 textures provide universal fit and great grip.

Question: Do you have any photos showing TUFF1 Grips on firearms?

Answer: Yes we do! Lots of them! Photos of TUFF1 Grips on Customer Firearms