In the world of aftermarket gun grip accessories, TUFF1 Gun Grips address the durability, fit and installation issues you will find with other gun grip covers, slip on grips or grip sleeves. Whether you want a gun grip accessory for a Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W, Ruger, AR-style rifle, or something more unique such as HK, AK, FN, etc, (all respective trademarks) TUFF1 will fit, perform and enhance weapon retention and “feel” that recreational shooters, military and law-enforcement personnel expect in a universal grip accessory.

TUFF1 Universal Gun Grips provide a fit that is second-to-none, it stretches and conforms to each firearm’s unique geometry without adding extra size while providing the best grip available. Hot, cold, wet or dry, TUFF1 always performs.